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July 21-23, 2006

IMPORTANT! If you are planning to compete in PAALH's 2006 Working Equitation competition and have already downloaded the information from the PAALH website, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK to make sure you have the 2006 PATTERNS AND REGULATIONS as the 2005 patterns were available in error until at least late June.

If you are planning to compete in this year's Working Equitation, PLEASE EMAIL ME at to let me know before the show so that dressage ride times can be allocated.

PLEASE READ AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THE REGULATIONS. It is also important that you be familiar with what the judge will be looking for during all the tests, and where you can pick up bonus points or incur penalties. This information is contained in the body of the Regulations. Know your dressage pattern before coming to the show! Remember to bring a CD with suitable music for your obedience/dressage test. Novice tests should be ridden from memory.

PLEASE NOTE that the Ease of Handling and Speed classes will be held FRIDAY LUNCHTIME, not Saturday lunchtime as scheduled in the show premium. (The Trail classes will be held on Saturday at lunchtime as published.) WE Obedience/Dressage will run first thing Sunday morning before the regular dressage classes start.

A new INTRODUCTION TO WORKING EQUITATION award is being offered this year, click on the appropriate link below for details.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding the Working Equitation competition, please email me at

Click on links below to view PAALH 2006 Working Equitation information

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Introduction to Working Equitation

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