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Organillero's Offspring

2001 Lusitano/Thoroughbred filly

Organillero was bred to a Nordic Prince (Canadian Thoroughbred ) mare in 2000 resulting in the lovely bay filly pictured here. She is a chip off the old block, having inherited many of her sire's physical features including hindquarters with incredible hocks, deep girth, hard feet, and his noble expression, as well as his hair gene. It appears she will be very Iberian when she matures. She has also inherited her sire's exceptional natural balance and ability to really sit. Spirited but kind, bold and intelligent, with true Andalusian athleticism, she has the potential to be an outstanding performance or pleasure horse, or breed her to an Andalusian for a 3/4 Andalusian foal. If you're searching for your dream horse, consider Sandia as a potential candidate.

The first 3 photos show Sandia in early June 2003.

The foal pictures below show the filly at about 10 days old.


Click here for newborn and 15-hour old pics


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Last updated March 25, 2004

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